K&C Named Best Corporate Law Firm

January 2008—For the third successive year, Corporate Board Member magazine named Kaufman & Canoles the best corporate law firm in the Greater Norfolk area.

The annual study of Corporate Board Member recognizes the top 20 national corporate law firms as well as the top five corporate law firms in 50 major areas. These firms are determined by directors serving on boards of publicly traded companies that are listed with the NASDAQ Stock Market, New York Stock Exchange, or American Stock Exchange. Key to this study is the concept that these ratings are determined by those responsible for hiring corporate law firms, not other lawyers.

Corporate Board Member reached their results by dividing the directors of publicly traded companies into 50 groups, based on the top 50 metropolitan statistical areas cited in the 2000 U.S. Census. The directors then received a questionnaire that featured 20 local firms and two write-in spaces. Those involved in the survey were to select only five of the 20 listed firms that they would choose to assist their companies in corporate legal issues.

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